Top List of 7 Things You Should Do, Before You Start To Plan Your Indian Wedding


Anita says...

Who knows better than I do! 

You've just got engaged, and now you're about to embark upon one of life's most important occasions, planning your wedding nuptials - these favoured tips will carry some weight to keeping everyone happy. They're simple and effective avenues, giving way to a blissful path to your planning prowess going ahead. 


Agree with your fiancé what is the important elements of your wedding day nuptials to each other, and don’t lose sight of these throughout the planning phase


Speak to both sets of parents and have an open discussion about what every one wants including which events and numbers of guests as a priority


If you’re religiously inclined, be sure to get the priest to give you an auspicious time and date to get married


Don’t get yourself confused by looking at too much wedding stuff that you get a headache before you’ve even started


Keep the communication channels open for family and friends and don’t become a bridezilla, or worse still, a groomzilla!


Be honest with yourself about a realistic budget that you would be comfortable spending on your wedding occasion, taking into account all the events


Download a good budget planner and a detailed wedding planning checklist so you don’t overlook anything


This candid advice will accelerate you with a positive step in the right direction. Family and friends will come together for your wedding because they adore you. Making the experience a good one is ultimately what matters, for everyone concerned.

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