10 Reasons To Appoint A Top-notch Wedding Planner?


Anita says...

You think you can plan it by yourself but there's one important commodity that most people overlook...time.

If you have plenty of time on hand, go ahead and plan the wedding. For over two decades we have worked seamlessly with all kinds of brides that share their most intimate secrets and moments with us, trusting us to give them the best day of their life to-date. We rise to the challenge and we understand the importance the role we play - testimonials. We want you to know, that whoever you appoint in whichever part of the world, these are the key attributes you need to find in your chosen wedding planner.

1. Time efficiency

2. Resourceful

3. Health & safety

4. Budget control

5. Inspirational

6. Responsible

7. Specialist knowledge

8. Logistical expertise

9. Contingency planning

10. Trustworthy

Let the fun begin...

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