The Private Eye Calls is our one day package where we live in your hospitality establishment for 24 hours and provide you with a report containing feedback and recommendations. We have such an eye for detail you will be surprised.

Tania-Tapel offer flexible and affordable solutions for your hospitality business, we don’t want your location to be good; we want it to be fabulous! 

Tania-Tapel works with you for anything from a day to 6 months. We are the fresh pair of eyes that can focus on enhancing the profitability and overall experience of your establishment, cultivating your people into wonderful hospitality executives.

The founder, award-winning Anita Patel, has an incredible two decades wealth of experience within the hospitality industry globally, and has a dependable history when it comes to turning things around – focussing on the quick wins and the long term strategy.

Acquiring a standardised quality of talent is the key to success for any hospitality business. Our assessment solutions help you do just that.

We are also able to offer you ad-hoc or ongoing support relating to HR matters, sales & marketing and event management inside your organisation.

Understand if your team is using the power of teamwork effectively. Attention to detail is underrated in many companies, and you need to change that misconception, as hospitality successes are achieved by this one small detail.

Receive an assessment with ten performance benchmarks spanning people, execution and cognitive skills to improve client satisfaction ratings consistently.

This service is completely flexible to meet your individual organisation’s needs. Find out more about the costs and benefits.