Our approach to conferences and press conferences, and their components has an embedded planning process which is seamlessly executed. Offering event design, development, production, implementation, and evaluation, we provide you with a stress-free package for all of your event needs.

Step 1: Requirements
In this initial interactive stage, conference requirements and strategic objectives are developed and refined. Acting as a consultant and drawing on our vast experience, specific objectives are focused upon with emphasis on creative, technical, operational, financial, and strategic processes.

Step 2: Design
During this phase, emphasis is placed upon the ‘manufacturing’ design process to establish blueprints for necessary locations, exhibits, presentations, ‘show-ware’, and deliverables for a successful event. Appropriate reviews are calibrated against meeting objectives in order to keep the design phase on target.

Step 3: Production
During this stage we confirm elements such as film and video shoots, transportation arrangements, staging construction, finalising of menus, booking of entertainment, confirmation of agendas, etc.

Step 4: Implementation
On-site Tania-Tapel bring all the elements together for a successful conference. Load-in, set-up, rehearsals, and adjustments are made to completely satisfy your requirements. This is where our experience and attention to detail come together to deliver a first-class event.

Step 5: Measurement/Evaluation
At this critical phase, your team/attendees are asked for their feedback against the stated strategic objectives of your conference. The evaluation, along with a complete financial reconciliation, is then packaged for management use. This information has proven invaluable to our clients for measuring the impact of their event’s objectives while learning about marketing opportunities for the future.

The enrollment and registration phase is your attendees’ first true interaction with your event, and everyone knows what they say about first impressions. This is why our team will make certain that this process is efficient and informative.

If overnight hotel accommodation is required, Tania-Tapel will also leverage our extensive experience in negotiating favorable room blocks and rates on your behalf.

Our concierge team is capable of managing all aspects of your enrolment and registration process, including design, mailing list development and management, and invitation distribution.

The Tania-Tapel Team will guarantee that once on-site, everything continues to run smoothly. Our years of expertise and involvement in many varied types of events, our team has confidence in what it takes to pull out the stops and make it something out of the ordinary. While room layout, transportation, handouts and audio/visual management, scheduling, and food and beverage contract negotiation may seem to be of secondary importance, in comparison to getting your message across, we will make certain that each and every component of your conference runs smoothly.

At Tania-Tapel, we are proud of our accomplishments; of products and services we’ve promoted and events we’ve designed and staged – and we believe our clients will say the same.

The key to a successful event lies in formulating the basic, exciting concept that underlies the occasion.

We believe each event is unique and should be based on an original, thought-provoking strategy that will promote high levels of attention with maximum impact.

We work closely with our clients, the media and invited guests to ensure a spectacular success.

When you want event management with an entirely personal, hands-on, ‘get the job done right’ approach, then be sure to contact us!

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