Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2019

Anita says…

Continually researched and pioneered trends across the globe to incorporate into luxury weddings we plan for our discerning clients. Raised in UK, living currently in India and working closely with cultured bridal parties from all over the world has given me access to implement many ‘firsts’ over the years. Here is a list of my top wedding trend predictions for 2019.

Wedding Personalisation 2019

A wedding that exemplifies what the couple stand for is a growing trend. Things that matter to them as individuals and defines them, whether that be that they care about eco-friendly initiatives and include eco-decor such as plantable favours or organic flowers, botanical stationery or going paperless and 'going green’ with the wedding catering arrangements using organic ingredients, or going outrageously bold with the style if the couple are socially loud and boisterous - each to their own…just make it beautiful!


Video mapping is widely expected to turn up a notch in weddings for 2019 where you can transform a room using projectors creating a mind blowing experience for your guests, by working on varied themes (from colour, design and shading) to capture the essence of each part of your day.

The couple may be avid sporting enthusiasts and can incorporate elements of their passion into the fine detailing of the wedding. Horse lovers can create table plans using horseshoes. A couple who support a team, could create a sports themed photo booth or use the colour of their favourite teams into every element of the wedding decor - think original.

A wedding tiara adorning the bride, will also be making a comeback in 2019 - this trend seems to keep coming in and out of fashion over the years and it’s a definite must-have for 2019 style bride!

Vintage is out, rustic is out too, earthy is in! Discover the difference by researching the different tones and materials.

The whole focus of weddings in 2019 is tipped to be about creating beautiful experiences for your guests, so certainly keep this in mind while planning with your wedding planner. It’s not so much about the money spent, more in line with keeping it stylish!


Wedding Social Media 2019

Using social media is now the norm for every couple to find concepts and themes. Take it one step further and use it as a way to update your guests to all that is beautiful about your wedding celebration.

Hashtag your wedding with a unique hashtag so guests can start posting messages, images and captions on there for the run up to the wedding, and on the day put someone in your friend circle to post elements of the wedding. Create a buzz surrounding the occasion, making it interactive for all your guests which can then be fed through to your Facebook and Instagram feeds.

A social media wall is the way to go for the wedding where you can share so much of the pre-wedding activity with those honoured enough to be present for the special occasion.

Use Facebook Live, or Instagram Stories or Snapchat for close friends and family who are genuinely unable to attend, where they will be able to watch snippets of your official wedding in the comfort of their own homes - what better way to celebrate with loved ones if it’s difficult for them to be present!


Unique Wedding Invitations 2019

From highly original designs and materials to going paperless to make the world a better place, there’s no time like the present to think about a unique concept you wish to adopt.

For environmental impact you can consider laser cut wooden invitations to create that something beautiful. Or a laser cut 3D effect invitation that personifies all that you are.

Using uncommon materials such as acrylic, flags, handkerchiefs, lace-embodied, metal, wood or even marble could be that something different to create the ‘wow’ factor for your special celebration.

Inspiring envelope liners - basically the inside of the wedding invitation envelope, can be quite eye-catching if you just put a little thought into it with little personal mementos.

Statement place cards using alternative materials or methods of putting guests names on the tables is one of the newest trends rather than an ordinary tent card that has been the norm for years. Using materials like stones, shells, plant pots, and lavender inspired place names in a variety of ways will be taking place naming personalisation to a higher level.

Gilded edges on stationery are fashionably in for next wedding season in gold, silver and champagne rose colours, and you won’t be disappointed with the feedback from your guests - which will add to the elegance of your event, and no doubt add a little to the budget!


Wedding Wax Seals for 2019

Wedding wax sealing is the next big trend for 2019. Creating a monogram for your wedding is now the norm but ways to present it in all its different forms is still a new concept with most using it just for printing on the wedding stationery and making some stickers from it. Go the extra mile and have a wax seal made with your monogram for all your wedding correspondence, which you can use long after the wedding is over to seal your envelopes and personalise pretty much everything!

Genuine personalised wax seals really add a touch of class to any occasion. It’s these little details that will make the biggest impact to your receiving guests - the thought that goes into something so small yet so gorgeous.


Wedding Minimalistic Look 2019

There’s a growing trend for smaller weddings and with much more thought into the personalisation, making it intimate and stylish. Minimalism in wedding context includes decor, flowers, wedding attire, make up & hair, gifting and much more - from pure and earthy colour palettes to a ‘less Is more’ overture it will definitely be a sign of the times in 2019. 

Geometrical design is going to be a popular theme for 2019 inspired by luxury interiors as a simplistic design that doesn’t come across as over the top and very chic.


Buttercream icing wedding cakes will be extremely popular during the 2019 wedding season, with restraint in the conceptual design, so be ready to embrace.

Creating a bold statement in the modesty of the design aesthetic will be high on the agenda for the modern 2019 bride.

It’s okay to improvise to make your wedding desires into something unique to you…