Let’s face it, launching a new product or service is different from normal day-to-day business operations. Successfully introducing a new product or a service requires an unusual combination of entrepreneurial flair and marketing skills coupled with the analytical approach of an organised planner

With the experience and capability to create and implement integrated launch programs that combine a multitude of supporting elements, Tania-Tapel adds the speed, focus, and creativity necessary for the successful launch of your products.

You may want help in any or all areas. It very much depends on in-house skills, experience, resources, budget, etc. We’ll build a customised service offering to suit your exact requirements.

Without skillful marketing the best product or service in the world will not succeed. We’ve all seen great products and services flop because their developers were great innovators – they weren’t great marketers.

And if yours is a service company, marketing an intangible – i.e. your service – is different, very different, from marketing a product. They each need a different treatment. Bigger than that, ethnic marketing needs to be more specific.

Helping you successfully introduce your new product or service is the number one goal of our launch services. Whether you have a concept that is just beginning to emerge or a new product/service that’s ready to go, for outstanding success, contact us today.

The key to success lies in finding those customer segments which are most disposed to become early adopters. Once the new product has been launched and is widely accepted, the more conservative customers will be easier to sell to.