Our expertise lies in the organising of VIP receptions, sporting federation meetings, presentation evenings that are hosted as part of major sporting events. Our precision planning is tailor-made to meet your objectives.

We help to deliver the actual event – on-site and on side to the main organisers and sponsors of major sporting events. These events will have an impact on people’s lifetime memories, so our attention-to-detail will play a significant role in making the impact, leaving you to concentrate at the job at hand and letting us pre plan seamlessly to ensure success on delivering your core messages.

There is a need for the inclusion of specific long-term strategies when planning major international sports events and strategies that will extend beyond the end of the event itself.

From who to invite, printing of invitations, timescales for RSVP, supporting literature with the invites, to the arrival arrangements, meeting the VIPs and tours of the events, seating & accommodation details, to departure times, thank you letters and follow-up correspondence, we can help plan ahead.

We have the ability to work anywhere, with anyone and at any time - trust in our professional capacity, and we won't let you down.