Exhibitions are a unique chance for potential customers to see, hear, touch and experience your product or service first hand

There exists no other way in which you can demonstrate your product or service to so many potential customers in such an effective environment. Nine out of ten visitors to exhibitions have an influence on the buying decision of their company or organisation.

Which show or exhibition? We can supply you with all the information you will need to organise and manage your next exhibition.

We answer such questions as: –

  • How well established is the event and how will it be promoted?
  • What sort of visitors and how many market leaders attend?
  • Which trade bodies support the show?
  • What was the previous year’s attendance?
  • Which press and media attend?
  • What is included in the cost?
  • Which exhibition contractors are reliable?

Tania-Tapel provides full-service professional planning, co-ordination and management for shows of all sizes and in a variety of industries. Tania-Tapel experience, close attention to detail and high standards of quality ensure that your event is well organised and well received.

  • Budget and timeline development
  • Pre-show site inspections
  • Facility management
  • Management of official service providers
  • Show decorations, signage and special properties
  • Complete on-site floor management if needed
  • Post-show review, analysis and recommendations

Call us to arrange an appointment to discuss your plans further. We will be happy to arrange these exhibitions for you – they can be such hard work!