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UK Wedding Training Courses

Available course dates:
To be Confirmed

Students looking to supplement their event management studies, brides-to-be seeking the secrets of a perfect wedding day, hotel and venue personnel developing their careers, and entrepreneurs wanting to enter the wedding planning business – all have featured in the specialist training courses we offer.

Evolved from the experience of more than a decade of specialist event and wedding planning, our UK training courses take place at our beautiful Kelmarsh Hall base in Northamptonshire, although we can accommodate corporate requests for on-site training. At the conclusion of each course students are presented with a full copy of all material covered.

Our courses are offered at three distinct levels – from the one-day ‘plan your own wedding’ induction course, to longer intermediate and advanced courses. Course prices start at £200, plus VAT.

Training options UK

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India Wedding Training Courses

Available course dates:
Tuesday 7th, Wednesday 8th & Thursday 9th August 2018 – Mumbai

The Tania-Tapel Wedding Planner Training Academy has an excellent presence in India as a result of growing demand in this sector for training at a higher standard, and awareness of the international market.

It is a resource proving particularly popular with high-level hotels and venues looking to develop personnel in an ever more demanding sector of events and weddings.

Our three course levels – from induction to intermediate and advanced – will be offered, taking place over three consecutive days, but with variations to cover specific localised elements and logistical issues relating to India.

The courses have been devised by Anita Patel, founder of Tania-Tapel Limited, voted the UK’s Best Wedding Planner 2008. She says: “For the individual it is an excellent start to their future planning learning from the professionals. For venues and associated businesses, it provides the opportunity for specialist staff training at a level never available before here in India”

Training options India


“Excellent course to understand the responsibility of the Wedding Planner and the pathway to be a success in the profession”
Sandeep Soi, Mumbai, India

“Informative – knowledgeable – detailed references…Anita is a patient listener”
Rima Tulsiani, Mumbai, India

“The entire course was an experience. We didn’t feel for a moment it was boring. I use to look forward to my days – these 3 days, it was the best investment I could ever do in myself. I am very thankful to Anita”
Priyanka Bangera, Mumbai, India

“Honoured to be the trainee of such a wonderful trainer. Content was great. Worth the payment…will miss you”
Nidhi Dadheech, Mumbai, India

“Excellent course and really had fun doing it. Anita is a fantastic teacher. Learning so many different aspects about the wedding industry”
Rupal Badiani, Mumbai, India

“It’s been wonderful to learn from Ma’am and cover my lacking aspects in wedding planning. I loved the course and enjoyed each moment”
Prabhpreet Talwar, New Delhi, India

“All course content was detailed and fabulous! Highly informative, and visual learning. The teaching technique and the course material supporting was super”
Priya Kapur, Mumbai, India

“Always wanted a training programme to learn the techniques, pros, cons, advantages, drawbacks of wanting to be a wedding planner. I am grateful I made it to the right place. It was informative and current and gave us a wider outlook”
Clementine Dias, Mumbai, India

“This has been an intensive course which at first I found very difficult but working to the end of the course, I feel I have had a good stepping stone to help me venture further. I was able to think more out of the box by being put in the deep end. Learnt a lot about events and weddings as I have no background of this industry. Anita has been very helpful in achieving this”
Roshni Raniga, London, United Kingdom

“The course has been great to learn from you and hear about all your stories. It is these stories that have helped paint a picture to someone that has no experience. The course has only a few students that leads to interactive learning”
Nikita Patel, Kent, United Kingdom

“Overall, we touched base on all wedding subjects, especially dealing with vendors and hotels, which was an important subject for me. I am very confident now and I feel I can do it very well now”
Supriya Hiremath, Bangalore, India

“Enjoyed the ‘personal touch’ and an answer for every question that I asked. Good discussions, amazing experience, confidence builder, personal touch…you were amazing!”
Seerat Jain, Delhi, India

“It is indeed good experience all together to have been part of the academy. It has added a lot of value to my knowledge. I enjoyed most about the course, the method, content as well as the material, stationery as practical examples are really helpful”
Amaan Kaushal, Delhi, India

“Totally worth the money spent. Anita’s experience and years in the industry and her depth of teaching was invaluable and more than I could have learned from any long term courses in event management around the country. I wish i’d come earlier”
Deepa Saraswati, Bangalore, India

“Great content, great trainer…amazing experience”
Aarti Chandrashekar, Hyderabad, India

“Excellent – learned a lot to go out and take the leap! Enjoyed the 3 days with two wonderful ladies”
Rita Persaud, Toronto, Canada

“Anita comes with enthusiasm to teach and we were all so highly motivated”
Parashit Mistry, Lucknow, India

“So much knowledge shared and in such a short space of time, gives me confidence to get out there”
Seema Joshi, Noida, India

“Excellent course – Fab tutor – Money well spent – 100% recommend to others”
Fatima Dhalla, Stanmore, UK

“Ten out of Ten!”
Jai Singh, Ludhiana, Punjab

“An Excellent insight into the wedding planning industry”
Rinku Nagda, Mumbai, India

“Thank you so much Anita, have gained priceless knowledge from you”
Shimul Doshi, Mumbai, India

“I can’t wait to get started and putting the theory into practice! Anita makes it sound so real with sharing her experiences of over 16 years which not many can claim”
Anil Upadhay, Lucknow, India

“So glad to make this decision to attend the course. It was really interesting to learn so many aspects of wedding planning. I feel I learned so much more in such a short space of time”
Sonia Aggarwal, Gurgaon, India

“The course was something I was looking for for a long time. It solved a lot of my queries and problems on how to set up a business and make it successful”
Urvash Bir Singh, Chandigarh, India

“I like the way you taught us and the friendliness and how personalised you get with us. Thanks a lot for being so good”
Ruchita Parelkar, Mumbai

“Awesome! Would love more visual”
Roger Narula, Dubai

“A must for any beginner, or even for those in the industry. Anita’s teaching style is easy to understand. I really appreciate her willingness to share information”
Bhavna Pandya, Texas, USA

“Very good, enjoyable and easy to ask questions”
Shah Jahan, Kent, UK

“The course was very interesting, and very informative. I loved learning more about Indian weddings and ceremonies. Everything was interesting, we went deep into the subject. More than I was expecting. Good experience, couldn’t do it anywhere else”
Nastasia Blancard, Mauritius

“Course content was excellent. It was an excellent learning experience and I am really glad I did it”
Neha Shroff, Mumbai

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and it gave me an insight into planning an Asian wedding”
Pratibha Hindocha, Nottingham, UK

“I hadn’t realised how much work there is to do, homework and regular tests, it certainly kept me on my toes. It gave me an insight into the industry to consider the change from my mundane job currently – I hope to be ringing for advise!”
Bharat Shah, Mumbai

“Inspiring and very hands on training. I enjoyed every aspect even the drilling on schedules and budgeting, and the importance of time management”
Julia D’Silva, Goa

“I wanted to think about a career in wedding planning and came across the details on a website. Im so happy that I went on this course as it has taught me so much about every aspect of professional planning. I should say I was reluctant at first because it was only three days, but what Anita shares through her live training is unsurpassable because of her complete passion”
Pooja Dhariwal, Delhi

“Our hotel in Mauritius wanted me to develop my skills and sent me on this training – it has been so interesting and educational from a service angle. Understanding the other side has taught me a great deal of what I need to apply when I get back, so we are building a solid reputation”
Priscella June, (Resort Hotel) Grand Baie, Mauritius

“Very informative not only from a business point of view but also very helpful in applying the same principles to real life”
Kshitija Rawal, Nashik

“The group class was small and so it was really nice to get Miss Anita’s full attention. She shares so much of herself and her experiences, and has an interactive way of teaching. I really enjoyed every minute of my three days”
Jaspreet Kaur, Delhi

“I didn’t realise there was so much to learn to enable myself to handle things professionally. It seems that learning from someone who has done the job first hand for such a long time has its advantages from a training point of view”
Shweta Kapoor, Lucknow

“I researched a great deal to find a course that would give me the kind of help I needed. This was the only course that presented itself professionally and i’m glad I took the plunge – I learned more than I could have ever expected on any other course”
Hiten Singhani, Delhi

“The course has given me an opportunity to understand the psychology of a bride/groom, to handle them in a more appropriate manner and to make their very special day a really memorable one”
Surbhi Srivastava, (Luxury Hotel Group), New Delhi

“I loved the course. So informative. I got personal attention. Miss Patel was very helpful and guiding me, patiently answering my questions”
Rachna Khanuja, Mumbai

“Great learning experience with detailed information by very experienced wedding planner come trainer!”
Akhilesh Shakadwipee, (Luxury Hotel Group), Udaipur

“Enjoyed usage of new words and new terminologies, so many other new ideas – highly informative”
Yinka Oguntoyinbo, Nigeria

“I enjoyed everything, the information, the interaction with Anita, her personal experiences in planning and weddings and also the personal attention”
Kashish Chandiramani, Mumbai, India

“Anita takes personal interest in her students, so that makes it interesting. This was supposed to be a trial for me (if I wanted to pursue a career as a wedding planner) and I am going ahead with my choice”
Priya Chanana, Abu Dhabi, UAE

“I decided to take a one-to-one course because I couldn’t wait for the group course, best money I ever spent even at premium price – the undivided attention was fab!”
Mrs Simran Agarwal, Chandigarh

“Very informative/insightful/honest pros/cons of the industry/enjoyed the interactive nature”
Zahara Qureshi. London, UK

“Learned things in four days that take months in other schools”
Manny Singh, USA

“I enjoyed the stories and the experiences that Tania-Tapel have experienced”
Nicola Hanson, Intercontinental Hotels, UK

“The informal approach and ease of the presenters made it easy to ask questions. Informative and the girls made it fun”
Mira Patel, UK

“Friendliness, the course content, lunch, coffee, the people, the examples, the stories – it was all great”
Anne-Marie Baha, Leicester, UK

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