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You’re thinking about having a wedding planner but you’re not sure what each different company does as they all vary so much? We want you to be able to make an informed decision and make sure you choose a company that’s right for you. We hope this will help you understand a little about how Tania-Tapel work. Our depth of experience and record of success, which led us to be voted the UK’s best wedding planner 2008, shows we’re a company that delivers, in the UK, India and Dubai.

What will our wedding planner be responsible for?
Our Essence starter package allows every client to begin to create their own bespoke arrangements, therefore your wedding planner’s responsibilities will be varied. The core responsibilities will include drawing up an “on the day” schedule along with corresponding floorplans, a budget planner and supplier sourcing, all of which is based on your requirements. Depending on the ‘add on’ options you select, this will change the package and the responsibilities, but any areas can be highlighted at your request

What does the Tania-Tapel service charge cover?
The Essence package is at an entry point at £1,450 inclusive of VAT. It involves a seven-step planning strategy. The ‘add on’ options are individually priced so you can budget and plan from start to finish. Travel and accommodation charges are applicable and additional expenses, such as congestion charging or car parking are charged accordingly. All charges listed are inclusive of VAT at 17.5%, except for travel expenses where 17.5% VAT is applied

How often will we be meeting our wedding planner?
We try not to bother you time and time again for unnecessary meetings which are chargeable. We happily liaise with you via email/telephone leading up to the big day. The meeting “add ons” are available to you so you have the flexibility to request this as per your requirements. Your wedding planner will be available to you to run through ideas and discuss plans throughout the planning stages. However, we are a busy wedding planning team and therefore most weekends are allocated in executing our events and would make us inaccessible

Do you have references, or other brides that we can speak with before we commit to booking a Tania-Tapel wedding planner?
Of course. Our testimonials should provide reassurance to anyone considering hiring a Tania-Tapel wedding planner. However if you would prefer to speak to a past client that can be arranged for you without hesitation.

How do we book our wedding planner?
After your initial non-obligation consultation meeting we will leave you create and decide on your bespoke package. A one-off full payment will secure your booking – we will provide an invoice and then payment will be required within 7 days to guarantee your booking into our diary system. If you are concerned that your date may get booked up, you may pay a non-refundable deposit of £200 on the day of your initial consultation to secure your date

How do payment terms for suppliers work with Tania-Tapel?
Tania-Tapel service charges are payable in advance, at which stage a contract will secure your booking. If you require us to financially manage your account that can be arranged – we have the facility to set up client accounts so your funds can be transferred there and then and we can manage the account to ensure suppliers get paid on time.

Will our wedding planner have a team with her on the day of the event?
Depending on the needs of your event, your wedding planner would manage the day independently. Your wedding planner would be able to advise from the consultation meeting if an assistant/team is required, and the implied costs for these additional services

If we begin with the standard Essence package can we add more options at a later stage?
Yes, the nature of the Essence package allows you complete control and flexibility to add options as and when you require them. Throughout the planning stages you may feel your requirements have changed, and ‘add on’ options will allow you to advance your package with no fuss. Your wedding planner will be in a position to advise you which ‘add on’ options you may wish to consider. The ‘add on’ options are chargeable and set prices are listed

How are accommodation and travel expenses calculated?
Our normal event rate is based on an 12-hour duration. If your event exceeds 12 hours then accommodation costs will be applicable (you can either arrange accommodation for us or we can arrange and invoice you). Travel charges of £0.50 pence per mile plus vat are applicable on all travel expenses

How much are additional site visits?
The exceeded hours are charged at £75.00 per hour or part hour, inclusive of VAT

Can we speak with our wedding planner at any time?
Yes, via email, letter, over the phone or in person. If you are having a last minute panic and no-one else is awake to listen to your concerns, then make contact. We do advise that during the wedding season, weekends are very busy for us but if you leave us a message we will, of course, reply promptly

How reputable are the suppliers that you work with?
We are very stringent with the suppliers we work with and refer to you. Our supplier database is extensive as we have been in the industry for over a decade. However, we do pride ourselves on the high levels of service provided by our recommended suppliers. We continually invest our time in our suppliers so they are better at servicing our clients, which can only be a win-win situation for you and us.

Who will keep my suppliers informed of the final schedule on the day?
Your wedding planner will prepare the schedules to your final approval, and will post out hard copies to all suppliers and courtesy call them all to ensure they are happy with all the details.

Can I guarantee which wedding planner is assigned to me?
Unfortunately, we cannot 100% guarantee the wedding planner you will receive on the day of your event due to the nature of our work and unforeseen circumstances. However, our aim is assign your wedding planner to see you through from planning stages to the actual day.

If we have other pre wedding smaller events ie. mehndi party, hen nights, etc, can my wedding planner help with these?
Yes, your wedding planner can manage or even part assist you for any smaller events you have leading up to the big day. Discuss your needs with your wedding planner as early as possible so a bespoke package can be costed.

Do you cover England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales?
Yes, we work nationwide across the UK, and also across the world from our international office based in Mumbai since 2008, and we specialise in destination weddings. The terms and conditions for our overseas work are different, and therefore please ensure you download our International brochure if your event is overseas.

How do I go about getting wedding insurance and what does it cover?
We have various reputable insurers who would cover your wedding insurance depending on what aspects you would like to insure. Alternatively you can secure your own independent insurance, the choice is yours. We understand the sense of security this can bring when you are embarking on the most important day of your life. It is advisable to take out wedding insurance.

FAQs India

Why should I use Tania-Tapel?
Our expertise in logistical wedding planning is the finest to be found, and it is in this area where many events can go wrong. Sourcing suppliers is one part of your planning, but time management is the other. We have an excellent reputation and take being wedding planners very professionally. Our presence in India and Dubai, and backed by our years of experience in the UK will be to your advantage, without a doubt. Why would you go for anything less when it’s the most important day of your life.

Where will the planning meetings take place?
Our wedding planning executives are now available in India and Dubai so we can meet with you to discuss your requirements, and carry out a site visit to the venue if required. We will keep you updated regularly and will oversee your wedding arrangements with suppliers you have appointed once you have decided who you wish to work with.

How would site visits and venue selection be handled?
We can make recommendations, as every bride and groom is different and your memories are for a lifetime. We can advise of what is and what is not included with the venue package for you to make an informed decision and we can accompany you on visits to selection of venues, if required. Whatever you choose, we are happy to work with you and can guarantee that we can achieve your desired result. We are bespoke planners, which means we work with whatever you give to us.

How long in advance before the event does our wedding planner arrive?
However long you request prior to the event depending on set up and final meetings. However if your events run over a longer period we will have negotiated a charge to cover the extra time period. We will be leaving the location the following morning after the event unless we are required for the dismantling of the event, which again can be discussed at our initial consultation stage and we can oversee this, if required, for a charge.

If the event is being hosted inside a marquee, and the build is over a one week period, who will oversee the production correctly?
As above, this can be discussed at initial consultation stage and any additional time can be charged for on an hourly basis or an agreed fixed rate after discussing what is required. Marquee events are the hardest events to undertake, but it takes a professional who has undertaken so many of these types of events to fully appreciate the work required on these occasions.

How many members of your team are allocated to the event on the day?
One wedding planner is allocated, however if the event warrants having 2-3 assistants then this will be advised during the planning stages, you can make a decision on this. The one wedding planner assigned to your event will be responsible for all the suppliers selected by you on the day and ensure the smooth running of your event including time management. Structure, we have found, has a massive positive impact on your guest list, one that is admired and respected.

Where would the suppliers for the event come from?
You can select local or international service providers. We will give you variable options and you can choose who you feel most comfortable with. Choosing suppliers is a personal thing and we can make recommendations – but we are very relaxed about whether you choose our suppliers or your own, making our service very impartial and unbiased…we just want you to have a beautiful day!

Who books all the suppliers and lodges deposits and payments?
Again, we are happy fo you to decide. Either you can pay suppliers directly, or we can pay them when you have paid us. We have set up specific client accounting to help manage individual packages easily – you can transfer funds into your client account so we can take control of financial management of your event if you wish. This will hopefully stop us having to bother you regularly to advise who needs paying for deposits and outstanding balances. The option is yours. We want to help save your time wherever possible.

How do payment terms work for Tania-Tapel service charges?
We require our payment in two stages, in advance. Our initial confirmation requires 50% of our service charge and our 2nd service charge payment is required one month later, but if your event is booked very late then 100% payment is due immediately. We will only accept payment as confirmation of our services and a signed booking form to accept the terms and conditions, all this is subject to availability.

How are travel and accommodation expenses calculated?
We will seek to find the most cost effective solutions possible, agreed with you in advance, or are happy for you to make suitable arrangements.

Does your wedding planning service extend to other pre wedding events such as mehndiparties, bachelor parties, sanjee nights, etc?
Our international wedding planning package is per day, and so other events are not covered automatically. However if you discuss your full requirements at the very beginning we can design a bespoke package based on the time involved with the other events. Talk to us.

Is your international service only applicable to India and Dubai or can it be extended to other regions/countries?
We have designed packages for these areas as we are familiar with the locations, but as logistical event management is our forte we are happy to host events absolutely anywhere in the world. You just need to fly us over to the venue and we are confident that within a few hours of seeing the location, asking the right questions we can assess the possibilities and work with you in creating a truly beautiful occasion.

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